Devon picked up his first guitar at 8 years of age. Inspired and moved by songs played on the acoustic guitar by a family friend, Devon realised he had to learn this instrument himself, so he could communicate and express these feelings as well. Devon also accepted Jesus into his heart at 8 years of age after attending a moving choir performance at a local church. At that time he didn’t realise that this would be the start of a lifelong journey of pursuing God and music. After buying an old amplifier and electric guitar from a friend, Devon spent many hours during his teenage years in his basement bedroom learning songs off the radio and from guitar books. It didn’t take long to find friends with similar musical interests and soon a band was formed with some friends from church.

At 18 years of age Devon felt the call on his life to tell others about the love of Jesus and moved 16 hours north to Thunder Bay, Canada to work as a missionary with First Nations youth. The next 3 years were life-changing ones for Devon, learning a beautiful, but hurting culture and sharing his faith in Jesus with anyone who would listen. Relationships were built around music and faith and Devon became involved playing guitar for numerous church ministries around the city. Devon also started writing some of his own songs with fellow guitar players and friends Mervin Waboose and Chris Stevens. A band called Box of Crayons was formed and Devon’s first CD recording evolved out of this relationship. CD’s were sold through friends and a local Christian bookstore in the city.

Devon moved back to Waterloo, Canada at the age of 21, got a job as an audio technician and joined another band of old friends, who were writing their own songs and playing music together every week. Under the name „Unified“ the band recorded a 3 song EP at a local recording studio and organized a number of concerts in churches in Canada and USA. Devon also got involved with a local church plant in Kitchener, Ontario and led worship there for several months before answering the call on his life to experience God and music in a new way again.

In 2011, Devon sold his guitars and most of his music gear and set out with two checked bags on a new adventure to Sydney, Australia. Devon studied Bible theology, music performance, and songwriting for 2 years at Hillsong International Leadership College, served musically at Hillsong Church, and worked part-time as a freelance audio technician. These two years opened up a whole new depth of faith and music for Devon as he found new friends and musical projects and his future wife!

In 2014, Devon moved to Zürich Switzerland, inspired to learn a new language and culture so he could marry his swiss princess Julia. With a heart full of passion and evangelism, sharpened from his time in Australia, Devon found time to write more songs about his faith and finish some ideas that had been brewing over the past few years. In December 2017 Devon released his first album recording as a solo artist, arranged and recorded himself, with the help of friends in Switzerland, Canada, and Australia, and mixed and mastered at at local studio in Zürich, Switzerland.

New musical ideas are on the horizon for Devon! Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Spotify to stay updated with what is coming next. Drop by the new store here at www.devonmartin.ch to buy Devon’s music, t-shirts and caps with faith and music inspired designs, created by Devon. Thank you for supporting Devon’s passion for God and music and be blessed!

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